Cioks- C8E C8E Power Supply Extender

Cioks- C8E C8E Power Supply Extender

A ground-breaking power supply from Cioks! The Cioks power supply extender can be used with a DC7 or simply stand alone with 8 isolated DC outlets, 6W each.
The largest power supply extender in the Future Power Generation CIOKS 8 is CIOKS' largest switch-mode power supply extender and it features 8 isolated outlets which each deliver 9V DC with 660mA. All eight outlets offer four switchable voltages (9V, 12V, 15V and 18V).

CIOKS 8 was primarily designed to be used as a large extender to DC7 in case you need more outlets but it can also be used as a stand-alone power supply. To use CIOKS 8 as an extension to DC7 simply use the included DC Link cable to connect the CIOKS 8 to the courtesy 24V outlet on your DC7 and you are good to go. In case you want to use CIOKS 8 as a stand-alone power supply you can power it with any 24V DC adapter with the appropriate DC plug. To get the full 6W output power on all 8 isolated outlets the adapter used to power CIOKS 8 should have an output power of 60W. If you are looking for a super powerful power supply setup to power a large pedalboard, the combination of CIOKS DC7 and CIOKS 8 will definitely be an awesome solution as this combo will give you 15 isolated outlets in total with 4 switchable voltages on each outlet plus a 5V USB outlet to charge your smartphone or tablet (courtesy of DC7).

- CIOKS 8 has the same groundbreaking 1-inch profile (25,4mm) as CIOKS DC7
- Ultra-low noise achieved by multistage filtering
- 8 isolated DC-outlets, 6W each
- 660mA at 9V DC on each outlet
- 4 selectable voltages on each outlet
- Global overload status LED
- Total maximum output power 48W*


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