DOD - Gonkulator RingMod

DOD - Gonkulator RingMod

From raspy mangled tremolos to stunning bell-like chime, the DOD Gonkulator Ring Modulator pedal delivers impressive and downright unique sounds with the pedigree to prove it. The original Gonkulator was made for only a brief time in the late ’90s, but its impact is undeniable. Our Sweetwater Product Research Team uncovered audio evidence of numerous alleged and confirmed Gonkulator sightings on beloved studio tracks, including songs by Sonic Youth, Tool, Incubus, and most notably, the absolutely zany theme for the “South Park” TV series, as recorded by Primus. In recent years, it’s appeared on the boards of reigning pedal nerds, including Tera Melos’ Nick Reinhart. Now retooled and reissued, the Gonkulator captures the distinct ring mod’s funky robotic twang with the invaluable bonus of grunge-style distortion and expanded frequency control onboard. Contrary to the original’s limited 500Hz frequency center, the revamped Gonkulator rocks a handy “Freq” knob that lets you tune the pedal to practically any note or key. It’s an invaluable tweak that eliminates the original’s occasional overwhelming dissonance when played in specific keys or frequency ranges — living proof that vintage doesn’t always equal better!


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