Earthquaker Devices - Blumes

Earthquaker Devices - Blumes

The EarthQuaker Devices Plumes overdrive has long been a favorite of guitarists for its hot, crunchy tone and highly musical character. Now, bassists can experience its legendary sound with the Blumes Low Signal Shredder! Featuring double the gain and a much deeper bass response than the Plumes, the EarthQuaker Devices Blumes is perfect for bassists and guitarists seeking a value-packed overdrive pedal with a deep, full sound.

Retaining many beloved features of the Plumes, the Blumes offers an enhanced experience for musicians who need a little extra low-end 'oomph,' courtesy of its increased gain and improved bass response. While lower gain settings deliver the classic, crunchy tones guitarists know and love, pushing the gain control beyond noon takes you into bass territory. Additionally, the Blumes boasts bipolar power for heightened dynamics, clarity, and headroom, resulting in a rich, three-dimensional tone.

Similar to its predecessor, the Blumes provides three clipping options to cater to diverse preferences:

Mode 1: Symmetrical LED clipping for a crunchy, open, and uncompressed signal with tons of output.
Mode 2: Clean OpAmp boost with a loud, full frequency response - ideal for clean boosting with the Gain set below 11 o'clock.
Mode 3: Asymmetrical silicon diode arrangement. Expect a warm low-end with some fuzz and heavy compression.

Handcrafted in Akron, Ohio, the EarthQuaker Devices Blumes Low Signal Shredder is a must-have for low-end lovers who need a powerful overdrive pedal with a remarkable bass response.


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