Electro Harmonix Pico Attack Decay Tape Reverse Pedal

Electro Harmonix Pico Attack Decay Tape Reverse Pedal

Use a pedal that reacts to your attack! The Electro-Harmonix Pico Attack Decay comes in a small package, so it's easy to slap onto a pedalboard.
The Pico Attack Decay allows you to dial in volume swells and decays, both in Mono mode -- one volume envelope for all notes you play -- and the revolutionary Poly mode where each note to has its own volume envelope creating cascading swell effects and leads with agile attack smoothing. With intuitive functionality and simple controls, the Pico Attack Decay opens up creative avenues for any player interested in pushing the (volume) envelope.

The Pico Attack Decay is both powerful and simple with four knobs and a mode button that let you create a wide variety of effects. The ATTACK knob sets the swell or fade-in speed of the volume envelope while the DECAY knob sets the fade-out speed of the volume envelope. Set the ATTACK higher for languid volume swells. Set the DECAY higher for artificially staccato notes for synth-like punches. SENS adjusts the threshold for triggering the envelope. VOL controls the overall output volume. A hidden BLEND control allows you to blend wet and dry signals for even more flexibility in tone.


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