Electro Harmonix - Pico Platform

Electro Harmonix - Pico Platform


Pedalboard-friendly, studio-style compressor -- the Electro Harmonix Pico Platform Compressor Limiter Pedal. Designed specifically for the guitar, this powerful and versatile compressor provides you with two modes and hard/soft knee compression so that you can easily sculpt your dynamics with total precision. The beauty of the Pico Platform is that it allows you to craft professional-grade sound without having to lug around bulky and expensive studio equipment.

With the Pico Platform, all you need is a reliable source of power and you're ready to take your sound to the next level. Whether you’re looking to up your playing game at home, in the studio, or on stage, the Electro Harmonix Pico Platform Compressor Limiter Pedal is the perfect solution. Now you can enjoy smooth, professional compression with the turn of a knob.

Use the Pico Platform compressor / limiter on any instrument for precise and powerful control of your signal’s volume and of course, extended sustain on leads. Add subtle dynamic control to level out peaks and valleys in your signal or give your sound a real squeeze for extra sustain and pop. The Pico Platform is extremely transparent with no tonal coloring, making it extremely versatile and easy to work into your existing set up.

The Pico Platform’s control set is simple yet comprehensive. Use the Sustain control to adjust the compressor ratio or limiter threshold for a subtle or extreme effect. The addition of a Blend knob allows for adding seamless sustain while preserving attack and tone. Adjust the Attack control to set when the compressor activates after a transient. Use the Mode button to choose between Compressor and Limiter modes and Soft Knee or Hard Knee compression curves for smoother or more dramatic compression styles.

Electro Harmonix Pico Platform Compressor Limiter Pedal Features

Studio-style compressor / limiter to precisely tune dynamics
Compressor and Limiter modes for a wide range or compression styles
Selectable Hard Knee / Soft Knee compression curves
SUSTAIN adjusts Compressor ratio or Limiter threshold
ATTACK adjusts attack time
BLEND adjusts dry/wet ratio
VOLUME controls overall output level
Power adapter included


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