Electro Harmonix -Pico Triboro Bridge OD Distortion and Fuzz Pedal

Electro Harmonix -Pico Triboro Bridge OD Distortion and Fuzz Pedal


The EHX Pico Triboro Bridge pedal combines all the best of overdrive, distortion, and fuzz sounds into one compact and incredibly versatile pedal. It definitely packs a punch, and it's perfect for a range of styles, be it hard rock, metal, blues, jazz, and more!

You can effortlessly switch between two distinct and customizable sounds in an instant. But don't let its tiny size fool you - the Pico Triboro packs a powerful punch. You can be sure that with every gig, you'll be able to get exactly the sound you're looking for.

The EHX Triboro Bridge is a tri-mode drive box with a wide range of tonal possibilities. Featuring Overdrive, Distortion, and Fuzz modes, it bridges any gap in your gain. With a powerful EQ, input contouring, and a pico-sized footprint, the Triboro Bridge can be your tonal keystone or a welcome addition to your existing palette.

Electro-Harmonix Triboro Bridge Pedal Features

Wide range of saturation with Overdrive, Distortion, and Fuzz modes
Compact Pico chassis
Treble control boosts or cuts high end in OD and Dist mode
Bass control boosts or cuts low end in OD and Dist mode
Fuzz mode features Gate and Low Pass Filter
Input Contouring EQ adds selectable input tone sculpting for more modern tones
Power adapter included
Starting with Overdrive mode, the gain spectrum ranges from low to mid with an open voicing that can be used as a light always on drive or a solo boost. Engage the Triboro’s Distortion mode for additional gain-staging for a tone from crunchy rhythms to fully saturated leads. Transform the pedal into something completely different with the Fuzz mode’s over-the-top gain, Gate and Low Pass Filter.

The Triboro Bridge controls features Volume and Gain knobs to control the overall output and saturation of the tone. In Overdrive and Distortion modes, the Treble and Bass knobs act as a Baxandall EQ for simple yet effective tone shaping. In Fuzz mode the Treble knob is now the gate more, controlling the Fuzz’s noise gate threshold, and the Bass knob controls a Low Pass Filter for extreme tonal variations. Additionally, the Triboro Bridge features an Input Contouring EQ which can be applied to your tone at the input, for a more modern, sculpted tone in all modes.

Are you ready to take your sound up a notch? Make the Electro Harmonix Pico Triboro your everyday driver and unleash the depth and range of your music!


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