Red Panda - Radius

Red Panda - Radius

Ring modulation is something of an acquired taste as far as effects pedals are concerned, but Red Panda's Radius might be one of the most musical ring mod and frequency shifter pedals ever conceived. With stereo audio input and output, Radius is adept for not only guitars but also synths, drum machines, and beyond. And thanks to its capabilities for pitch tracking and envelope following, you might realize the clangorous timbres of ring modulation aren't so bad.

Radius operates with a digital algorithm Red Panda describes as an eight-quadrant multiplier, allowing the pedal to seamlessly move from ring modulation to frequency shifting and back again. Internal pitch tracking allows the carrier oscillator to follow the notes you're playing, with variable tracking depth to allow consistent timbres between notes. You can even use external MIDI to play the carrier oscillator, unlocking the door to ring modulator counterpoint and other musical possibilities.

Radius also features a wealth of modulation options, ensuring that your ring mod sounds are never static or boring. But beyond typical LFOs and the aforementioned pitch tracking, special custom options are available for even more fun. Envelope followers impart dynamic modulation based on your input signal level, and this can also be used to trigger LFO in one-shot mode. Random modulation can bring unpredictability when desired, and a step sequencer puts finer control at your disposal.

Like other Red Panda pedals, an embrace of MIDI and technology is in full force. Use the dedicated web editor to manage presets, update firmware, and unlock deeper pedal settings. MIDI over USB and TRS connections allow you to connect with external controllers and more, while the TRS jack can be repurposed for tap tempo, expression, and more. Even the most skeptical ring mod critic may find something musical in Red Panda's Radius pedal.

An uncommonly "musical" stereo ring modulator + frequency shifter pedal
Unique eight-quadrant multiplication method allows for complex tones and smooth transition between ring mod and frequency shifted tones
Selectable 2X frequency ratios for extended control of upper and lower sidebands
Frequency shifting with feedback for slippery barberpole phasing tones
Three carrier frequency ranges: low, high, quantized
Carrier frequency pitch tracking allows for carrier control via your incoming audio—from -100% to 100% tracking
Push-to-tune carrier frequency feature
Carrier can be played separately via MIDI
Extensive internal modulation options: multi-waveform LFO, step modulator, envelope follower, envelope-triggered one-shot LFOs
Open-ended MIDI and expression pedal implementation
4 onboard presets (100 via MIDI)
Full web editor
Very possibly the coolest pedal you've ever seen or heard


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