Ross - Compressor

Ross - Compressor


The legendary OTA-based, vintage style ROSS compressor returns in this incredible JHS-designed pedal! This is a faithful reproduction of the coveted “Era 2” Gray Box ROSS Compressor circuit. Possibly the most legendary and hyped compressor of its kind, JHS is incredibly excited to offer this to today’s guitarists.

ROSS Compressor Guitar Pedal Features

Classic ROSS-Style Enclosures
Soft Touch Bypass
Lower Noise than original designs
Mode Switch for versatility
OTA-Based vintage style compressor
Faithfull Recreation of the “Era 2” Grey Box ROSS Compressor
Welcome to a new era of ROSS pedals. After countless hours of painstaking research and design, this pedal brings you the story, legacy and sound that made the original ROSS brand a timeless staple for guitarists and collectors worldwide. Featuring five classic ROSS circuits, this series offers something for every player. Each pedal is manufactured in a classic ROSS enclosure style at the JHS Pedals facility in Kansas City, MO, using the same stringent quality standards you’ve come to expect. Notable improvements over the vintage units include soft touch bypass, lower noise and a mode switch with two settings for added versatility.

The “Level” controls the volume (right is louder, left is quieter). “Sustain” controls the amount of compression/sustain (right is more compressed/sustained, left is less compressed/sustained). When activated, the side push switch toggles between two modes: Standard and Bright. The Bright mode helps your guitar cut through the mix when you need a little extra clarity for darker pickups or amplifiers. The footswitch activates the pedal via soft touch bypass switching and the status LED indicates that the circuit is active.


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