Seamoon - Grind Machine

Seamoon - Grind Machine

Bassists looking for a revolutionary distortion pedal, look no further than the Seamoon Grind Machine! This powerful bass distortion and OD pedal offers unprecedented versatility in a small size, allowing you to explore a range of tones and effects that will push your playing to the next level.

The Grind Machine is designed to give bassists the sound they’ve been searching for – a sound that is perfectly balanced and extremely dynamic. Whether you’re looking for a groovy and gritty sound, a modern and heavy wall of sound, or something in between, the Grind Machine is capable of delivering it all. With 8 knobs and 3 switches, you have endless room to explore and sculpt your own sound, giving your bass lines the intensity and power they deserve.

Don’t let its slim design fool you – the Seamoon Grind Machine packs a lot of punch and gives you more control than you’ll ever need to create the perfect tone. Get ready to take your bass playing to a whole new level with the Seamoon Grind Machine – the ultimate distortion and OD pedal for bassists!

Seamoon Grind Machine Bass Pedal Features:

All-Analog bass distortion/Overdrive
Designed to deliver versatility, tone, and responsiveness to the most demanding bassists
Warm up a solid-state amp or drive that tube stack to new levels of mayhem
From Funk to Rock to Pop to Metal, the Grind Machine offers a complete palette of distortion/overdrive tones in one box
Hard & Soft Clipping for tonal versatility
Independent toggles for each style of clipping to use on their own or stack together
Blend knob to blend clean, dry signal with overdriven/distortion signal


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