Walrus Audio - Lore Onyx Limited Edidition

Walrus Audio - Lore Onyx Limited Edidition

An ambient soundscape generator with analog warmth and modulation magic.

The Lore Reverse Soundscape Generator offers musicians and sound designers an innovative way to craft ambient soundscapes and textures. With five unique programs that utilize different combinations of delay, reverb, pitch shifting and modulation with analog feedback paths, the Lore provides a palette of time-warping and space-altering sounds. Two DSP chips with separate analog feedback paths interact organically, allowing for a range of affected and unaffected sounds that build on each other.

Five Inspiring Programs for Ambient Creativity

Five programs provide ambient inspiration, from reverse delay into reverse reverb for big, eerie sounds to pitch delay into pitch delay for rhythmic, sequenced effects. A "light reverb" combines octave-up harmonic feedback and expansive reverb for a breathy, spacious ambiance. A "dark reverb" uses octave-down harmonic feedback, heavy filtering and distortion for a thick, rich tone. Reverse reverb into forward reverb transforms guitar into ambient pads, while dual pitch delays shift pitch up and down to create intricate patterns.

Lag Control Adds New Dimension to Modulation

The Lag control provides a range of modulation, from smooth, tight effects at lower settings to warbling detune at higher settings. Set the center delay time that the LFO modulates around to add a new dimension to traditional chorus and vibrato. Produce anything from mild chorus to seasick vibrato and everything in between with controls for lag, dry/chorus/vibrato blend and selectable LFO wave shapes.

Momentary Features Provide Real-Time Control

Holding down the tap tempo switch will momentarily speed up or slow down the clock rate for as long as it's pressed to create interesting pitch effects. Change the direction of the speed shift by pressing bypass and tap simultaneously. A green LED indicates rising pitch, while a blue LED shows diving pitch. The modulation knob controls the wet signal amount and holding bypass while adjusting it sets the modulation rate, indicated by the blinking bypass LED.

MPN: 900-1067BF23


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