Xotic - SL Drive

Xotic - SL Drive

Classic Cranked British Amp Tones in a Box
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Xotic's tiny SL Drive amp-in-a-box effects pedal puts the soul of a cranked British stack into any amplifier. Designed to sound like a classic Super Lead from the late '60s, the SL Drive offers the same cutting and singing tone, and it reacts to your playing and volume knob adjustments just as well as those legendary amps. Internal voicing dip switches allow you to adjust the character of the pedal from Super Lead to Super Bass and more. And Sweetwater guitarists love how the Xotic SL Drive's true bypass switching keeps your tone pure.

Xotic: Boutique pedals, preamps, and more
Xotic was born in a small garage in Southern California in 1996 and quickly became known for high-quality, boutique bass guitars and bass preamps. These days, they've expanded the pedal line, crafting stompboxes that are played by some of the finest guitarists in the business. Their acclaimed AC Booster, RC Booster, and BB Preamp pedals remain some of their most popular pedals.

Xotic SL Drive Effects Pedal Features:
British amp-in-a-box overdrive pedal
Simple-to-use gain, volume, and tone controls
Internal dip switches change the overall character of the pedal
Incredibly touch responsive
True bypass won't color your tone when switched off


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