Catalinbread - Dirty Little Secret MKII

Catalinbread - Dirty Little Secret MKII

Go from clean to scream with the Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret overdrive pedal. This compact powerhouse dirties up your output with wide-reaching tones, from a classic plexi sound, to that awesome early-'70s Marshall Super Lead or Super Bass sonic force. You have master, treble, middle, bass, and preamp controls at your disposal to craft your sound. Meant to be an "always on" overdrive, this pedal works magic alone, but it's also a great foundational tone-setting companion for axe-slingers with an abundance of hardware on their pedalboards.

The Foundation for Your Tone
Your Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret overdrive pedal works wonderfully as a standalone overdrive pedal, but it shines as a foundation-setting effects pedal that goes hand-in-hand with a whole host of other effects. If you choose to always leave it on and want to get a clean and clear output, simply roll back the volume dial on your guitar. This simple adjustment will go a long way and is easy to manipulate even while you're in the middle of your set.

Two Pedals in One: "Super Lead" and "Super Bass" Circuits
This overdrive pedal acts as two pedals in one, with an internal slider switch. The "Super Lead" circuit functions like a Marshall Super Lead amplifier. This circuit acts as a high gain setting with a breakup range that goes from a classic plexi all the way to modified JCM800 levels. Your axe's volume control works wonders on this circuit. Flip the internal slider switch, and you get the "Super Bass" circuit, which references the early plexi sound of Marshall Super Bass amplifiers. This is that "between dirty and clean" sound that pairs well with fuzz pedals. "Super Lead" mode focuses on those higher midrange frequencies, while the "Super Bass" mode places an emphasis on those lower and low-mid frequencies.

Fashioning Your Sound
To hone in on the sound your ears are thirsty for, the DLS puts a simple set of control dials at your disposal. 3-band EQ controls shape your high, middle, and low frequencies, and the master control sets the master volume level of your output. The pre-amp dial determines how much overdrive you want. Play around with your guitar's volume control to see how dynamic this pedal gets. If you're a pedalboard fanatic, then take some time playing alone with your Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret overdrive pedal to understand its individual nature, and then break it into your arsenal of pedals to explore some seriously vibrant overdrive possibilities!

- Overdrive pedal with two circuits modeled on classic amps
- One 1/4" instrument input
- One 1/4" output
- Master, treble, middle, bass, and pre-amp controls
- Dynamic gain range
- Two circuits in one -- super bass and super lead
- Circuits are selectable via an internal slider switch
- Compact pedalboard friendly size
- Powered via 9-volt battery or external power supply


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