Catalinbread - Many Worlds

Catalinbread - Many Worlds

The Many Worlds is an eight-stage phaser with eight selectable phase control parameters, six LFOs, and two envelope-dependent phase shifts. Yes, you can get classic, swirly and rich, vibrato-esque phaser sounds out of our phaser. The fun doesn't stop there, however; Catalinbread takes you on a multi-versed quest of Many Worlds to uncover unique, out-there sounds.

The idea for Many Worlds began when Catalinbread was experimenting with different LFOs for a phaser projectinitially to see if they could make something akin to a Phase 90 but a little more wild. They eventually started modulating one LFO with another. This is where the name Many Worlds comes from. The 'Many Worlds' interpretation of quantum mechanics is an idea by a man named Hugh Everette which states that quantum wave function collapse is actually the superposition of quantum states built by the decoherence of independent wave functions. This leads to the idea of parallel universes where quantum measurements have opposite results. Lastly, they thought of having an envelope dependent phase shift to have that drippy phase sound but not sounding like a sine wave LFO is driving the phase shift.


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