DOD- Chthonic Fuzz

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DOD- Chthonic Fuzz

The Chthonic Fuzz (pronounced: Thawnic) creates fat, corpulent, fudgy, sludgy, fuzz tones that pair perfectly with single-coil, P90, gold-foil, and De-Armond style pickups. It also works great with PAF-style humbuckers, but this fuzz was designed with brighter guitars and amps in mind.

Starting with a beloved a single-knob '70's fuzz circuit, we experimented with adding a subtle tone control (Lustre), and then a separate gain control (Fuzz). This yielded a simple yet powerful fuzz with an earthy, dark flavor. Straight-up transistor clipping using a pair of 2N2222 transistors allows guitar volume knob clean-up like other classic fuzzes, but the Chthonic comes from a different dimension. Think of it as a kind of Colorsound Overdriver from an alternate universe.

The Chthonic's Kraken/Cthulhu graphics are courtesy of the same artist that did the Carcosa Fuzz art. The Chthonic is a psychotic dizygotic dark companion to the Carcosa Fuzz.
Twin suns sink behind the lake...

Fuzz Control: This control is used to control the intensity of the fuzz. Turn left for less fuzz, right for more
Lustre Control: This control allows the player to turn down high frequencies after the main distortion stages of the pedal.
Output Control: This control is used to set the output level of the pedal.

Placement of the DOD Chthonic Fuzz:
Most guitarists/bassists will favor placing the Chthonic Fuzz at the beginning of their chain effects, so start with that placement.


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