Keeley Angry Orange Distortion & Fuzz

Keeley Angry Orange Distortion & Fuzz

Angry Orange Distortion and Fuzz
Keeley crammed two legendary distortion and fuzz circuits into one stompbox and gave you two new sounds in the process. The Keeley Angry Orange is a 4-in-1 pedal that gives you two well-known fuzz and distortion circuits and allows you to create two dope new hybrid tones! It’s sort of like pedal-modeling except these are 100% old-school, analog circuits and you decide which tone control or clipping section you want to rock. Heavily saturate your guitar through either a legendary ‘78 Japanese Orange Distortion or a ‘91 Soviet Civil War Fuzz. Use the Angry Orange to make your own fuzzztortions with the hybrid modes, all with only three simple knobs. This pedal can be True Bypass or Buffered Bypass, it only takes two seconds to switch between the modes. The Keeley Angry Orange is entirely manufactured at Keeley Electronics and is in our new aluminum enclosure. $199 Made In The USA.

Two classic distortion/fuzz circuits are combined into one pedal
Swap tone controls and/or distortion sections to create new sounds. By mixing the MF Fuzz and DS Distortion, you can create two unique Hybrid Fuzz Distortions.
Silent Buffered Bypass or True Bypass – hold footswitch for one second to change
Professionally Engineered and Expertly Manufactured Pro Audio Gear – sounds developed in the Keeley tone lab and in the field, then built entirely in our factory.


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