Keeley Electronics - Dyno My Roto

Keeley Electronics - Dyno My Roto

Experience the ultra-modulated sound of the Dyno My Roto! This unsubtle chorus pedal is also loaded with with killer flanger and rotary speaker effects.
You want tri-chorus in a pedal? With the KeeleyDyno My Roto, you can finally get those '80s vintage rack chorus sounds that define killer chorus. The Dyno My Roto is a tough thing to accomplish in such a small package, and Keeley couldn't leave good enough alone. They added a Flanger and a Leslie Cabinet simulator.

The magic to the chorus sound in the Dyno My Roto is the three LFOs that give you lush modulations that truly sing out like a chorus of guitars. Most chorus pedals, in fact nearly all, are simply two-voice: one straight and one modulated. Keeley offers twice the amount of joy by modulating another voice. Instead of hearing just one voice being affected, this pedal smears a couple voices in an effect that is truly enjoyable to listen to.

Keeley came up with a Rotary Cabinet package that give you a Proximity Control. The Proximity Control controls how far away you are from the spinning speaker cabinet. This adds a depth and distance to the cabinet and is a touch like a reverb control. It gives you that spatial expanse that can give you presence or depth in the chorus-like rotations. Lastly, while they were spinning things, Keeley crafted a RotoFlange sound that has a simple negative feedback control. Easy to use and gets you the most classic flanger sounds possible.

Whether you're going for a Alex Lifeson of Rush tone, a Andy Summers of the Police tone, or an SRV Crossfire rotary tone, Keeley has you covered in one box with the Dyno My Roto.


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