Source Audio - Collider Delay/Reverb

Source Audio - Collider Delay/Reverb

Delay and reverb collide in this pedal! Source Audio's Collider delay+reverb combines the stereo effect engines of the Nemesis delay and Ventris dual reverb.
The Collider Stereo Delay+Reverb combines two of the most popular effect types in one simple and intuitive pedal. Drawn from the effect engines of the award-winning Nemesis Delay and Ventris Dual Reverb, Collider offers the best delay and reverb effects in one compact, no-compromise package. The pedal allows for any combination of its five (5) delay engines with any of its seven (7) reverb effects and has dedicated ON/OFF switches for each effect. It is also possible to create independent dual delay or dual reverb presets. The pedal has dedicated MIDI input/output as well as support for expression control and remote switching. The Collider contains two completely independent 56-bit DSP processors, essentially housing a highpowered delay pedal and a high-powered reverb pedal in a single box. Its dual DSP platform gives the pedal the massive processing power to deliver two studio quality effects simultaneously.

Five (5) Most Popular Delay Types:
The Collider features the most important delay engines from Source Audio's Nemesis Delay pedal. In the classic category it offers the Tape, Analog, and Oil Can delays. In the more modern category, there are Reverse and Digital. Each engine has two dedicated control knobs for important parameters such as tone, tape age, and modulation depth/rate. A dedicated subdivision switch is also included on the top panel.

Seven (7) Most Popular Reverb Types:
The Collider features the most important reverb Sounds from Source Audio's Ventris Reverb Pedal. In the classic category select from realistic spring and plate reverb effects, natural room sounds, and a beautiful interpretation of 80s studio rack gear with the Hall engine. The pedal also features a collection of "unnatural" reverb sounds including the gigantic E-Dome, the pitch shifting Shimmer engine, and a handy Swell function.

Dual Signal Processing:
The pedal includes two identical 56-bit signal processors for massive processing power, essentially housing a high-powered delay and reverb pedal in a single box.

Simple User Interface:
When the knobs toggle switch is on DELAY, all knobs control the delay, including the effect selection wheel. Then the toggle is set to REVERB, all the knobs control the reverb. When the toggle is set to LOCK, accidental knob bumps will not alter any sounds.

128 User Presets:
Save up to 8 presets recallable via the pedal's onboard controls plus an additional 120 presets accessible via MIDI program change (PC) messages.

Stereo Input and Output Jacks:
Choose from mono, stereo, and dual mono.

Dedicated Footswitches:
The left footswitch is the ON/OFF for the delay. The right footswitch is the ON/Off for the reverb. The left switch also provides tap tempo when the delay is engaged.

Universal Bypass:
Select either analog buffered or relay based true bypass.

Analog Dry Through:
The dry signal is routed around the signal processor for a completely unaffected dry tone.

100% Wet Option:
A dry kill option for use in effects loops.

Complete MIDI Functionality:
Engage any or the Collider's 128 preset or control any of its adjustable parameters with external MIDI messages.

Expression Control:
Assign expression control to any combination of knobs and program the depth and direction of each. Compatible with all Source Audio expression pedals, Hot Hand 3, as well as 3rd party expression pedals.

Brushed anodized aluminum housing:
Dimensions: L: 4.5 in./11.4cm x W: 4.5 in./11.4cm x H: 2in./5.1cm (including knobs) Weight: 1 lb./0.45 kg.

Includes 9v DC power supply:
300mA / Negative tip / Pedal draws 280mA.


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