Source Audio - ZIO Bass Analog Preamp +DI

Source Audio - ZIO Bass Analog Preamp +DI

Lift your bass sound to new heights with the ZIO Analog Bass Preamp + DI from Source Audio. Voiced specifically for bass frequencies, this pedal boosts and shapes your tone for rich, amp-like warmth even when patched straight into your audio interface or live mixing console. Equally happy in front of your amp or pedal board, this bass-friendly ZIO sets out to improve your sound no matter the context.

ZIO utilizes the same low noise Burr Brown Op-amps as the guitar-oriented model, but gives you tone and EQ controls perfectly suited for bass. Bass and Treble knobs give you control over low and high frequencies, while the Focus control activates a sweeping high pass filter to dial in tonal peaks that make your bass sound best. Optional Grit and Scoop circuits add warm distortion or scoop midrange frequencies for a balanced sound with true analog texture. Elevating any bassist's sound to the pinnacle of studio polish and shine, Source Audio's ZIO Bass Preamp + DI is sure to deliver quality tone in any context.

Analog preamp and DI specifically tuned for bass
BASS knob is a 100Hz-boosting low shelf
TREBLE knob is an active cut/boost shelf for dampening overtones
FOCUS knob is a sweeping high-pass filter
GRIT adds breakup and crunch via transformer circuit
SCOOP reduces midrange for focused tone
Overall output level control
Balanced XLR output with ground lift
Main unbalanced output
Headphone output
Gain trim pot for GRIT circuit


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