Walrus Audio - Fable

Walrus Audio - Fable

Walrus Audio's Fable is a five-program delay/granular effect generator that offers choppy, melty, satisfying audio manipulation. Similar to the Lore, Fable gives you the same controls, but you're manipulating the grains' length and size, as well as the same tasty analog feedback path. Program one is a reverse delay into reverse granular which will create unique ping-pong effects as the grains reverse and then re-reverse with feedback building up. Program two is a forward delay into and octave up granular and program three is an analog delay into octave down granular, with these two programs exaggerating the pitching effects with the feedback parameters. Program four is unique as it can get you into strange granular reverb territory: it's a multi-tap granular into a multi-tap granular (Clouds into Clouds?) that can reveal some time-stretched gems and ethereal smear. Our last program is a forward delay into the randomized pitch granulator which can yield truly wild results that challenge the fabric of reality. There are very few pedals out there that can get into territories like the Fable from Walrus Audio and if you want to dip out of reality for a minute, this is the effect for you.

Delay and granular effect pedal
Analog feedback path
5 unique programs
Controls for Feedback, Regen, Mod, Mix, X (varies based on program), Time and Tone
Tap tempo switch


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