Walrus Audio - Julianna

Walrus Audio - Julianna

Full of warm, warbly goodness, allow the lush vibes of Walrus Audio's Julianna stereo chorus pedal to wash over you. Building off of the same design as their iconic Julia, the new Julianna is more than just a stereo update. For starters, the addition of a random LFO shape makes the chorus effect behave a bit more like the wow and flutter heard from tape decks and delays, thanks to its fluctuating and unpredictable modulation of the chorus delay time. Use this new LFO option in tandem with the Lag control to create everything from slight wobbles to dramatic pitch glides.

The other notable addition to Julianna is the addition of tap tampo control of the chorus modulation rate. While you can still easily set the LFO's frequency with the Rate control, tap tempo certainly adds interesting tempo-synced potential to this effect. There's even a handy division switch that changes the tap tempos subdivision between quarter notes, quarter note triplets, and eighth notes. It gets even wilder from there—Julianna contains a nifty Drift feature that automates the LFO rate, gradually speeding up and slowing down over time. Walrus Audio has hit it out of the park again with Julianna, further pushing the boundaries of what one can expect from a chorus pedal.

Stereo, analog BBD chorus
Digital LFO with Tap Tempo modulates chorus delay time
Sine, Triangle, and Random LFO shapes
Rate control sets LFO speed
Depth determines the intensity of effect
Lag determines the center delay time around which the LFO modulates
Blend knob sweeps between dry signal, chorus, and fully wet vibrato
Tap Tempo with 1/4, 1/4 triplet, and 1/8 note
Expression pedal input assignable to Depth, Rate, or both simultaneously


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