Walrus Audio - Lore

Walrus Audio - Lore

Designed as an ambient creation machine, Lore from Walrus Audio is a reverse delay and reverb pedal with two discrete DSP chips and independent feedback paths. The core of Lore is the unique analog feedback path which changes based on which of the 5 programs you select. Program 1 is a reverse delay into reverse reverb which builds atmosphere using the feedback paths that will ping pong the reverses, swelling into each other. Program 2 is a reverse delay into octave up reverb and Program 3 is a counterpart with the reverb being an octave down. Program 4 is a full wash with reverse reverb going into forward reverb with the Feedback knob adding an octave lower into the reverse reverb and Regen knob adding an octave up. Program 5 has two pitch delays which work complementary with each other to create harmonious textures. The X knob changes function based on the program you are in and a dedicated Mod knob adds a nice bit of movement to your blanket. Holding the tap tempo switch will also engage a time dive or rise, which can be easily set by pressing both buttons simultaneously. Grab Walrus Audio's Lore pedal and enter the Fey Realm, forever caught in twilight.

Dual DSP reverse delay/reverse reverb pedal
Analog feedback path
Effects are setup in series
5 Programs change the behavior and sound
Dice-case enclosure
Buffered bypass
Momentary tempo dive/rise feature


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