SolidGoldFX -Beta V

SolidGoldFX -Beta V

The Solid Gold FX Beta V Bass Preamp Pedal! This sweet little unit gives you all the warmth and grit of your favorite vintage tube amp in a convenient, pedal-sized package. With its interactive circuits, the Beta V gives you incredibly responsive dynamics and saturated tone without having to lug around a bulky amplifier. So, plug in and let your sound roll. Add some classic tube vibe to your tone with the Solid Gold FX Beta V Bass Preamp Pedal!

Yes, we all know the convenience of a lightweight “sub 10 lbs” bass head that pumps out 500 watts and a neo cab that doesn’t require a roadie crew or chiropractor is great, but there is something extremely satisfying in the way that big, old Ampeg-style tube setups compress, clip and round out your signal. However, with the BETA-V you can finally have the best of both worlds - bone-shaking mojo-packed dirt, all wrapped up in modern and easy to use convenience.

Their classic Beta bass architecture has been reworked and expanded, delivering a wider range of tones. The low-pass filter now has 2 settings for bumped or scooped-mids as well as a center bypass setting for a more transparent experience. Plus, the Drive control has been reworked for lower gain applications or hotter basses.

Most importantly, the BETA-V sports an active 2-band post gain EQ allowing you to boost or cut your highs and lows with a flat response in the center. Dialing in anything from punchy overdriven Lemmy tones to the fattest, deepest soul shaking dub is only a few knob twists away.

Complete with top-mounted jacks, soft touch true bypass switching and 9-18 V DC operations, the BETA-V is a true thump machine, ready to rock your world.

Solid Gold FX Beta V Bass Preamp Pedal Features

Bass Preamp and Overdrive effects pedal
Designed to capture the warmth and grit of vintage tube amps
Low-Pass filter with 2 settings either mid bump or scoop
Drive control, from mild grit to warm overdrive
Active 2-band post-Gain EQ
True-Bypass switching
Hand-made in Montreal, Canada
Powered by a regular 9-18 V DC PSU (center -, 2,1 mm, 13 mA current draw at 9 V)

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