SolidGoldFX- Supa Funk

SolidGoldFX- Supa Funk

The Supa Funk Envelope Filter is designed to capture the groovy tones of the past while incorporating modern twists, making it perfect for funk enthusiasts and musicians looking for expressive and dynamic filter effects. Whether you want classic wah-like sounds or futuristic sweeps, the Supa Funk delivers with its blendable filters and intuitive controls. Crafted with precision and passion in Montreal, Canada, this all-analog pedal is ready to bring the funk to your music.

Designed for some serious stank, the Supa Funk is an old-school, dual-band envelope filter, but with some totally modern twists! Featuring a responsive and articulate attack generator plus an expanded control set, it also features the Color knob that blends in a second low-pass filter to help you to go from a classic bom-chicka-wow-wow funk, all the way to rich, throaty and vocal filter sweeps.

Incorporating elements of the Funkzilla and Funk-lite, Supa Funk is the distillation of everything learned from previous filter fests, helping Solid Gold FX to bring you a pedal that perfectly captures the groovy tones of the past, while filtering out all of yesteryears' shortcomings. Hence you get superb dynamic and smooth filter tones, that perfectly follow and embellish every single nuance of your playing. While the blendable second low-pass filter enables you to create filter tones so rich that they will make Jeff Bezos weep.

Housed in a compact and intuitive package, the pedal's 5 knobs and a single toggle lets you determine if you're slinging out subtle low-pass sweeps or shooting sonic lasers.

Features:- Dual blendable low pass filters
- Tuneable analog envelope generator with depth, frequency and sensitivity controls
- Direction switch for forward or reverse sweeps
- Suitable for guitar, bass, synth/keys and other electronic applications
- All analog audio path
- True bypass switching and top-mounted jacks - for ease of pedalboard mounting
- Made in Montreal, Canada
- Powered by a regular 9V DC PSU (center -, 2,1 mm, 20 mA current draw)

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